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Terms of Use


This is a group insurance policy that covers members of the Peers network for scheduled transactions on file with the insurance company (as recorded through the website).

Anyone who signs up, automatically becomes a member of the Peers Network (  Peers is a peer-to-peer advocacy organization.  There is no cost for membership.

Hosts agree and acknowledge that the insurance only applies to those rental agreements in-force during the coverage period that meet the following three criteria.

First, the rental term must be for less than one year.

Second, the dwelling must be:

  1. A single family house, detached house (house separate from neighbors), duplex (2 houses side-by-side or on different floors); row home/townhouse (three or more houses in a row sharing an adjacent wall), apartment building, or condominium; and
  2. Physically located in the United States, not including territories and possessions; and
  3. Rented for use as a dwelling; and
  4. Compliant with applicable handicap accessibility laws; and
  5. Compliant with applicable fire and life safety requirements.

Third, the Host(s) (landlord) must:

  1. Rent as an individual(s), not as a corporation; and
  2. Not have been convicted of a felony; and
  3. Not have any rental liability lawsuits against him and/or her during the last three (3) years.

Hosts further agree and acknowledge that this insurance does not cover damage to the Host’s property and excludes liability claims resulting from any of the following:

  1. Violation of a law governing access to buildings by persons with disabilities;
  2. Violation of a fire or life safety law;
  3. Bed Bug infestations;
  4. Assault and/or Battery; or
  5. Defamation of character.

Hosts agree and acknowledge that the insurance is subject to a minimum monthly charge.