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  • The cost for coverage is $36.00 per Calender Month. When you select coverage you will be charged the 1st calender month’s premium immediately. Then any reoccurring charges will be billed on the 20th of the month for the following month’s premium. If you select coverage to begin after the 20th of a month you will be charged that month’s premium as well as the next month’s premium. For example, if you select coverage to begin 4/21 until 6/31 the initial payment will be for $72. This covers April’s premium as well as May’s premium. June’s premium will be charged 5/20.

    • Do you prorate premiums?

    No the insurance cost is a calendar monthly minimum. You will be charged a full month regardless of the start or end date. So if you begin coverage on 4/10 you will be charged the full $36 for the calendar month of April.

    • When will I be charged if I select reoccurring payments?

    You are charged on the 20th of the month for the following month’s premium. For example, you will be charged on May 20th for June’s premium and so on.

    • Can I pay for more than one month at one time?

    No, we charge month by month.

    • What happens if my card is declined or payment fails?

    You will receive an email stating your payment failed. Our system will attempt to charge your card a total of 3 times. If the issue is not resolved by the third attempt coverage will be cancelled.

    • Who do I contact for further billing questions?

    Contact support at


  • Yes, homesharing liability insurance applies separately by rental unit.

  • The host cannot be a corporate entity, but the owner can be one. If you are satisfied that covering yourself as an individual for your own alleged negligence is adequate protection, than you can register your personal name as host, and the LLC will be additional insured on the policy.

    The LLC will not have coverage for its own negligence, but will be defended in the event they are brought into a suit due to the acts of the host.